Oliver is 7 months

 Having fun chasing sister around the neighborhood.He is fast in the walker but she is faster.
 Wait for me!!
 One afternoon he was a grouch, he wasnt hungry, tired or poopy. So I swaddled him and he was Happy! I have tried numerous times to end the swaddling but we always go back because he just really loves it.
 Happy to be swaddled and watching HGTV with Mom.
 I found my tongue
 Loving the swing
 Getting ready to learn to crawl

At 7 months our Oliver is still as happy as can be! He is such an easy going child (I sure hope he stays that way).
Still loving the swaddle and the binky
Eating 3 furit and veggie meals a day
LOVING the walker and holding hands to walk around.
Still wont roll from back to belly would just rather be sitting, standing, or walking.
Using his voice to "YELL"
Wearing 6-9 and 6-12 months clothes
It is so fun to watch him learn and grow everyday!

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