Future pop singer?

Remember this video? When she was headed for american idol with her rendition of the "Charly" theme song. Well she is a couple yrs older now and has more experience under her belt She is taking it to the next level and trying out hip hop. she has also solicited her cousin Ashton's help with the beat boxing. Who knows maybe it will be a family thing. Here is our CC's version of "Apple Bottom Jeans".

As for an update on her she is doing so much better today. No fever or headaches. My Mom always said if you want your kid to get better take an expensive trip to the DR and they will be healed! We are so grateful to have our girl back and to have so many people care for us and help us! Thank you!


Brittani said...

hahaha. i don't think my girls have ever heard that song!!

The Robinson's said...

Too cute! She's even got the moves. Nice beat boxing too. I remember when the primary children got up to sing Mother Day songs and Allison sang "Apple Bottom Jeans" instead. She was only 3 also!

Glad to hear she is doing much better today. Hope she continues to feel better every day.

Devyn Pickett said...

oh my gosh i love it and i am so excited to play with her and see yall!!

Karen Gwilliam said...

haha! that is awesome!

Clayton & Charish Hubbard said...

OH my GOSH!!! she is adorable!!! I love her little voice and those moves!!! So sweet! This video will be priceless someday! I'm so glad she is doing better!