Oliver turned 4

 Oli got this super awesome remote controlled Dinosaur from his friend Jeremy (a 16 yr old in our ward who Oliver is obsessed with).

 We took a little dip in the pool to cool off before we started baking cupcakes for Oliver's party. Cora really liked the water, can you tell?
 We made red cupcakes with blue frosting, Oli loved licking the frosting spoon clean!
 Our little Super Hero obsessed boy got lots of super hero presents including a spider man party at the park with all his friends!

 Friends Asai, oli, Carson, Avery, Lucy, Anton, Maxwell
 Oliver was so sweet when his friends gave him their gifts. He would get so excited and say this is what I always wanted and then give them a huge hug! Such a sweet loving boy!
 One of his friends brought him a scooter that was to small and Oliver was beyond happy about it!
 Oliver got a new camping chair, he gave Cora his old one and was happy to finally have a boy one!

We are so happy and blessed to have Oliver in our family! He is such a fun, loving, happy, silly, friendly, helpful, sweet boy!
At 4 Oliver
Weighs : 30 lbs
Height 36"
Oli Loves:
Pizza, hot dogs, mac and cheese, quesadillas, all treats and candy, Watermelon, peaches, bananas, strawberries, pineapple
riding bikes/scooters
the park
friend time
Reading books and going to the library
anything and everything superheros, transformers, ninja turtles
Sleeping in late in the mornings
teasing his sisters

veggies and salad (but he is awesome at eating them anyway)
Going to bed
sitting still and being quiet

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