Picture above: it was around 5:00pm she fell asleep on Kreg's lap watching music videos on the computer. he laid her down and right when i snapped a pic she woke up. Thats what happens when you get up at 6:30 am and dont take a nap.
Playing on the deck in the snow pile on a somewhat warm day. Its fun for CC and nice for Mom, I can watch from the inside!
I was sitting on the floor in my sweater, She said I want to be toasty warm with baby Oliver, next thing I know she climbed right in. Silly girl.

Taking a nap in the laundry basket.


Katy, Bill and Easton said...

I love the nap in the laundry basket!

laurareid said...

is she really sleeping? she doesnt look comfy. mom xo

Ma Mere said...

That picture is too funny! Christian and Chase both used to fall asleep in the weirdest places. Chase once fell asleep on the stairs! I went to check on Christian one night (he was 3) he was asleep on the floor next to his bed with the lamp shade on his head! Weird kids! Have a great day!
~Aunt Tiffany